Sunday, February 25, 2018
Welcome to the Newton County Water & Sewerage Authority

The Newton County Water & Sewerage Authority was created by the state legislature in 1970. The Authority began with one full-time employee and 52 customers. Today the Authority has a staff of forty-eight full-time employees and serves 22,122 water customers and 6,048 sewer customers.

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Customer Lobby Hours:
~ Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30

Main Office and Drive Thru Hours:
~ Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm

Main Switchboard:
~ 770-787-1375

After Hours Emergency:
~ Water: 678-618-7283
~ Sewer: 678-776-1295

Helpful Hints:

How To Read Your Meter
When looking at the water meter, locate the BLACK numbers on the LEFT side of the meter dial with the WHITE background. These numbers count the number of gallons of water that have passed through your meter.Read More >>

How to Check For Leaks
A small leak, about the size of a pin head, dripping at one drop per second can add up to 7 gallons of water a day. A large leak, the kind most often found in toilets, can waste 200 gallons of water or more per day! Read More >>

Backflow Prevention
A connection between your drinking water and another source of water that combines the two when a backflow condition occurs. When this occurs, your drinking water can become contaminated. Read More >> 

Water Quality Report 

Latest News:

~ We offer several payment options including Online Bill Pay and Bank Draft services.
~ Billing: All meters are read electronically, thus eliminating the possibility of a visual misread.
~ Learn more about our Engineering Department and Services. Download various forms and checklists...
~ Water Reclamation: The Authority's pre-treatment process is a 24/7 operation...
~ Newton County Water and Sewerage Authority, Newton County and its municipalities Covington,
~ Mansfield, Newborn, Oxford, Porterdale Designated As Georgia’s Twenty-fifth WaterFirst® Community

Local Water Restrictions:


Newton County Water and Sewerage Authority permanent restrictions are is follows:

Drought Response Level I Measures:

Under a Level 1 Drought Response, the outdoor water use schedule required under the Water Stewardship Act of 2010 remains in place.  This schedule allows outdoor water use year-round between 4 p.m. and 10 a.m. 

In addition, the following outdoor water uses are allowed daily at any time of the day by anyone:

  • Commercial agricultural operations as defined in Code Section 1-3-3;
  • Capture and reuse of cooling system condensate or storm water in compliance with applicable local ordinances and state guidelines;
  • Reuse of gray water in compliance with Code Section 31-3-5.2 and applicable local board of health regulations adopted pursuant thereto;
  • Use of reclaimed waste water by a designated user from a system permitted by the Environmental Protection Division of the department to provide reclaimed waste water;
  • Irrigation of personal food gardens;
  • Irrigation of new and replanted plant, seed, or turf in landscapes, golf courses, or sports turf fields during installation and for a period of 30 days immediately following the date of installation;
  • Drip irrigation or irrigation using soaker hoses;
  • Handwatering with a hose with automatic cutoff or handheld container;
  • Use of water withdrawn from private water wells or surface water by an owner or operator of property if such well or surface water is on said property;
  • Irrigation of horticultural crops held for sale, resale, or installation;
  • Irrigation of athletic fields, golf courses, or public turf grass recreational areas;
  • Installation, maintenance, or calibration of irrigation systems; or
  • Hydroseeding

New Billpay Options:

The Newton County Water and Sewerage Authority has designated Emily Mills as its Open Records Officer.

  All open records requests must be made to Ms. Mills in writing through one of the following three methods:  
    1) email:
    2) fax:  (770) 786-4536 or
    3) by mail addressed to:         Emily Mills, Open Records Officer
                                                Newton County Water & Sewerage Authority
                                                11325 Brown Bridge Road, Covington, Georgia 30016.

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