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NCWSA has a secure, convenient, user-friendly online payment system.


New Software Enhances the Customer Experience

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Pay Your Bill By Phone: 844-216-1987.

Newton County Water and Sewerage Authority, on April 27, 2018, implemented a more secure, convenient and user-friendly online payment system for our customers. The new and improved interface provides myriad benefits to customers, enabling them to pay their bills faster, easier, and more conveniently and securely.

The new features include an improved user experience; a “Pay Now” feature that allows for quick payment without having to register an account; and registered account enhancements including view and pay multiple accounts at once, view payment history and view past billing statements. Also including the ability to securely save your payment information, the option of signing up for paperless billing with email reminders, and the opportunity to schedule automatic payments from your checking account or credit card.

Additionally, NCWSA has implemented a new automated phone payment system with features such as quick account balance review and payment with a credit card, debit card, or eCheck and an easy-to-use call flow.

We are excited about these changes and they reflect our continual commitment to providing a superior
customer service experience. We recognize that customers want flexibility, accessibility, convenience
and user-friendly experience without sacrificing security. We look forward with continuing to meet the
needs of our customers by expanding the available resources as we grow. Please look at all inserts in
your bills and check with us on the NCWSA website for updates as these changes take place. Please call
the NCWSA office if you have any questions at 770-787- 1375 or email us at