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The Newton County Water & Sewerage Authority's Engineering Division Hours:

- Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.

  • Development plans may be logged in at the front counter.
  • Development Regulations can be purchased for $30.00.
  • Two initial sets of utility construction plans are required for any new development.
  • Four additional sets of utility construction plans are required upon preliminary plan approval.
  • Flow test are performed and required by the Authority at the time of first plan submittal. Cost of flow test $250.00.
  • Approved development plans require a pre-construction meeting before starting development.

Director of Engineering: 

Engineering Telephone Number: 770-787-1375 

Engineering Division Fax 770-786-4536

·  Inspection of water and sewer construction projects, collection of water samples, customer concerns and water quality issues: please contact
   JD Reid - NCWSA Inspector – phone #- (678) 878-5987

·  Utility locates of NCWSA water and sewer mains from customers and other utilities and all issues dealing with 811/Call Before You Dig:

   Andy Hall- NCWSA Utility Locator- phone # (678)776-1173

·   Requests for information regarding the existence and location of water & sewer utilities, the GIS/Mapping system, and Requests for 

    Utility Availability/Location letters

·   Requests for Flow Tests, data loggers, and water pressure monitoring and information regarding the GPS location of  NCWSA assets: 

    NCWSA Engineering Technician- phone # (678) 618-9217

Engineering Downloads

Listed below are various forms, checklist, and development regulations that can be downloaded for you convenience. The documents are of the latest version and should help expedite the engineering requirements of the Newton County Water & Sewerage Authority. Click on highlighted areas to print forms.

  Developer's Review Checklist    

This form facilitates submittal of new development plans to the Authority. The engineer of record for the project should submit this checklist (with each item checked-off), with their plans.

  Flow and Pressure Test

This form should be filled out and submitted to request the Authority to provide a flow and pressure test at any location within the Authority’s service area.

  Water regulations /   Sewer Regulations

Water & Sewer Development Regulations- A complete copy of the Authority's water and sewer development regulations.

  Water Main Extension Petition

A petition used to determine the level of particapation required to extend new water mains.

  Infrastructure Availability letter            

A letter that describes existing water and sewer service availability to the property in question.

  Water Easement Form

This is the standard form to be used when dedicating water easements to the NCWSA. 



  Sewer Easement Form           

This is the standard form to be used when dedicating sewer easements to the NCWSA.              

  Maintenance Bond Agreement           

This form is to be used when submitting a maintenance bond to the NCWSA for water or sewer facilities that are being dedicated to the Authority.

   Commercial Maintenance Bond Agreement                      

This information package furnishes all pertinent information regarding the requirements and details of the Commercial Maintenance Bond Agreement.

  Maintenance Bond Information Package

This information package furnishes all pertinent information regarding the requirements and details of the Maintenance Bond Agreement.

Authority Development Details (DWG. format)- CAD drawings of the Authority's construction details.                 

  Map Request Form

All request for maps should use this form. A map fee schedule and production is included.

  Open Records Request Form           

This form is to be submitted if public information is needed from the Authority.

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