Monday, January 22, 2018

Customer Service:

As Customer Service Representatives at Newton County Water and Sewerage Authority, it is our goal to provide excellent customer service and to meet the needs of our customers. As a utility provider we strive to serve the public and community in a professional and courteous manor.

The fax number for Customer Service and Billing is 770-385-3966.

    Print Application For Service Form




HOMEOWNER: $55.00                   RENTER: $80.00



CUSTOMER NAME: _________________________ CO-APP NAME: _______________________________


SERVICE ADDRESS: ____________________ LOT #: _______ BUILDER NAME: ____________________


MAILING ADDRESS: ___________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP: __________________________


START SERVICE ON: _________________


TRANSFER: YES/NO    PREVIOUS ADDRESS: ______________________ DISCONNECT DATE: ______


HOME #: ____________________                                       CO-APP HOME #: _________________________


WORK #: ____________________                                       CO-APP WORK #: _________________________


CELL #:                                                                                  CO-APP CELL #:                                                     


SSN: ________________________                                       CO-APP SSN: _____________________________


DRIVERS LIC #: ______________                                      CO-AP D.L. #: _____________________________


DATE OF BIRTH: _____________                                      CO-APP D.O.B.: ___________________________


EMAIL:                                                                                  CO-APP EMAIL:                                                      


EMPLOYER NAME & ADDRESS                                     CO-APP EMPLOYER NAME & ADDRESS

_____________________________                                      __________________________________________

_____________________________                                      __________________________________________

_____________________________                                      __________________________________________


REFERENCE: (preferable a relative, if living in GA) NAME: _______________________________________


RELATIONSHIP: ___________________________ ADDRESS: ____________________________________


PHONE #: _________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP: ______________________________________


To induce Newton County Water & Sewerage Authority to accept this application, the Applicant unconditionally agrees to comply with all the Authority rules and regulations, and to promptly pay for all water used. This includes

all late fees and other charges as they may apply. The Applicant further acknowledges sole responsibility for any accrued cost by the Authority to cause replacement or repair to Applicant’s water service due to damage and/or tampering.


SIGNATURE: ___________________________________                    DATE: _____________________________


***Return the completed application, a copy of your driver’s license, a copy of your settlement statement or lease agreement, along with a check or money order for your deposit (Homeowner $55.00, Renter $80.00) to NCWSA, P.O. Box 1137, Covington, GA  30015 or you can come to our office located at 11325 Brown Bridge Road, Covington, GA  30016 to apply for service. You can also fax the requested information to 770-385-3966 and then a Customer Service Representative will contact you for your credit card information. We will need to complete your application one day before the service should be put into your name because we are next day service.***


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